COVID-19 UPDATE 11.2.22

Dear All Staff,

COVID-19 continues to bring challenges across both our homes.

As reported in our last Staff Blog we have had a number of staff test positive to COVID-19 in the past two weeks.

I am happy to report that these staff members are currently quarantining at home and all are doing well – we are so looking forward to them returning once they have their SA Health clearance.

We are in contact with them to ensure they are doing well as well as contact with SA Health.

At Hope Valley we now have five (5) staff who have tested positive since 31/1/22 and at Findon two (2) staff members tested positive since 4/2/22.

The staff members deemed close contacts have all done a PCR tests done.

Unfortunately we now have a further two (2) resident’s test positive at Findon late yesterday in ROSE Wing, taking the total number of positive cases to three (3).

As we have had positive staff cases and resident positive cases we are now undertaking frequent PCR tests with all residents and staff across both homes.

HOPE VALLEY – A1 and A2 are on 72 hour PCR testing – next testing on 12/2/22 in A1 and 13/2 and 16/2 in A2

FINDON – ROSE Wing 48 hourly PCR testing IRIS Wing 72 hour testing – next testing 13/2, 15/2 and 17/2

ROSE WING at FINDON remains in a RED Zone (full quarantine – no visitors)

IRIS WING AMBER Zone (further PCR testing was done today)

TARA / HAZEL currently AMBER Zone – moving to a GREEN ZONE


A1 is an AMBER ZONE – moving soon to a GREEN ZONE post PCR testing on 12/2/22 (if NEGATIVE results)

A2 is an AMBER ZONE on high alert following recent COVID-19 exposure

Clinpath and the Clinical Staff have been exceptional undertaking all these PCR tests.

REMINDER – It is essential that if you are feeling unwell you notify the site and speak with the RN in Charge / HR Bosko / Daniel / Marjorie / Naina / Belinda or myself and do not attend the home until you have NEGATIVE PCR test and are feeling better.

Thank you to our clinical team for being able to do these PCR tests so efficiently and timely, it gives us a better chance to manage this COVID situation.

FULL PPE – long sleeve gowns / N95 masks and gloves MUST be worn when on site in BOTH HOMES

Hope Valley A2 and IRIS / ROSE Wing at Findon must include face shields and googles.

ONLY STAFF ALLOCATED TO WORK IN ROSE WING CAN ENTER – Daniel and David have provided thorough instructions and directions to staff in ROSE Wing to reduce transmission of COVID

Please remember you are rostered / allocated into specific areas of the home.  This provides a greater level of protection for ALL staff, residents and our Ananda Community.

We continue to have the Outbreak Management Plan activated -this have been reviewed and updated with copies with the RN in Charge.

ALL Staff MUST continue to undertake daily RAT tests on commencement of their shift – if it is POSITIVE please immediately leave the premises and proceed to the car park – contact the RN in Charge for further information including getting a PCR test.

If your initial RAT test is positive you do not need to do another RAT test, you need to have a PCR done. This deems as POSITIVE to COVID-19.

I am considering bringing in weekly PCR screening tests in addition to the daily RAT tests for all staff out of an abundance of caution.

We continue to liaise and follow the directions as set out by SA Health in the Residential Aged Care Facilities Interim Guidance for the Management of COVID-19 Outbreaks and follow the Emergency Management Directions. Please take the time to read these guidelines and our Outbreak Management Plan as it governs and supports our practice.

I am in daily contact with both SA Health and the Commonwealth Department of Health with updates.

As a reminder we are continuing to support visitors to both homes and do ask that the following occurs to reduce the risk of transmission. This may change at any time.

  • Mon – Fri 1 – 5pm
  • Sat – Sun from 1 – 3pm
  • One (1) visitor at a time for 1 hour
  • Facemask must be worn at all times
  • Please use hand sanitiser
  • Practice social distancing
  • Visits to be conducted outside where possible
  • Please notify us immediately is you are a close contacts
  • Please do not visit if feeling unwell
  • RAT Tests in A2 HV and IRIS Wing FINDON
  • Currently nil visitors to ROSE Wing

We understand that this is an overwhelming time and we reinforce to all of our staff that our Executive Team is always available for any issues or support and we urge you to make contact as you need.  Please everyone stay safe!

Welcome Bosko Zigic our HR Business Partner

Following the departure of Puga, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Bosko to the HR Business Partner role.

Bosko will be supporting Ananda across the HR domain.

Working with the Admin, Reception and Rostering Team including Hilary, Prabhuli, Akasha, Rupinder, Sheryl and Kim to continue to deliver high levels of HR and admin support.

We welcome Akasha to the reception role at Findon – already making a great impact with her friendly and compassionate nature.

Rupinder has relocated to Hope Valley to assist Bosko with the HR support role especially around COVID administration management and contact tracing.


Dementia Training Australia (DTA) has some amazing “on-line” training course “free of charge”

  • Training topics include:
  • Developing a Management Plan
  • Decision Making in Dementia Care
  • Target Responsive Behaviours
  • Introduction to appropriate use of benzodiazepines and other sedatives
  • Developing a withdrawal plan
  • Management of antipsychotic medications for responsive behaviour in residential aged care
  • For care staff online courses via DTA include:
  • Pain management strategies for direct care workers
  • Recognising and acting on pain for people living with dementia for direct care workers
  • Optimising sleep
  • Assessing pain for direct care workers
  • Understanding responsive behaviours
  • Communication strategies
  • Dementia and Responsive Behaviours
  • Case studies
  • Bedtime to Breakfast – Caring at night for people with dementia

These courses are great for Clinical, Care, Wellness and Engagement Staff as well great information for our kitchen, cleaning, laundry, and maintenance and admin teams.

Take the time to browse the link below and start doing some of the courses.

Access to these course:

In addition to the above our clinical staff may wish to participate in the University of Tasmania “The Wicking Dementia Centre” courses around Understanding Dementia / Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury / Preventing Dementia.

Finally we received an amazing letter from COTA today thanking staff working in the Aged Care industry for your extraordinary work – we wanted to share the letter with you all.

Once again thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement during these challenging times.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, Naina (CNC Hope Valley), Daniel (CNC Findon) or Bosko (HRBP) if you would like to discuss further.

Kind Regards

Karen Daniels-Goddard

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