Ananda published for dementia education again

Ananda is committed to developing Dementia Friendly Communities at both its homes.

This includes working in partnership with key stakeholders including residents, families, community groups and peak professional bodies to improve the environment, meaningful activity and optimising both medication and non-pharmacological strategies to meet the needs of residents with dementia.

From March 2019 to June 2020 Ananda partnered with Dementia Training Australia to provide a Tailored Training Package for staff. The success of this initiative is seen in four publications in the Australian Journal of Dementia Care (AJDC) which are accessible below. Please take the time to read and understand what Ananda is aiming for in this key area of care.

Any staff member who is in contact with residents with dementia is required to have the skills, knowledge and attitude to commuicate with and meet the needs of residents living with dementia. Ananda has provided enormous opportunities for staff to develop these skills to the level of their role and we will be assessing staff to this level from now onwards.

Further face to face and online training will be made available, in the meantime the Resident Focused Care Model and Ananda Resident Focused Dementia Care course are available on Ananda Academy. These provide the minimum level required by staff.

During December we will be asking all night staff carers and nurses to complete the DTA course ‘Bedtime to Breakfast’ during work time and as a team to develop some continuous improvements for roll out on nights shifts during 2021.

We continue to seek dementia care champions to drive forward our ability to meet the needs of our residents and families.

We are keen to work with residents or representatives to improve individualised meaningful activity for all residents and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

The 4 AJDC articles can be viewed below:

Resident & Representatives e-news

E-news for residents & representatives

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