Website now in FIVE languages

Cultural safety in action at Ananda!

We have been working hard on transitioning to the new Aged Care Standards and cultural safety is high on our list of continuous improvement priorities at Ananda. To better represent our diverse resident population and staff workforce we have translated the website into 5 languages – English, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese and Hindi.

We have also provided each Nurses’ station with a folder with cue cards in several languages, and around the home you will also see prominent, bold signs in different languages like the one below, which help residents with vision impairment or dementia to find their way around the home.

A toilet sign in English, Italian and Greek

We recently started a Diversity Action Group which will initially meet monthly, alternating at Hope Valley and Findon, where residents and staff can let us know how we are doing in terms of supporting residents from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Please do provide your feedback and let us know how we can further improve in these areas.

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