Visiting hours – survey results

I agree with how Ananda has responded to the COVID-19 emergency2 (4%)4 (8%)12 (23%)34 (65%)
I agree with the policies for visits3 (6%)3 (6%)4 (8%)12 (23%)30 (58%)
I have been informed about changes that have taken place2 (4%)2 (4%)16 (31%)32 (62%)
I am confident in Ananda’s infection prevention measures2 (4%)3 (6%)16 (31%)31 (60%)
I am confident Ananda staff carry out correct infection prevention practices1 2%2 4%3 6%18 35%28 54%
Social distancing is being well managed2 (4%)4 (8%)19 (37%)27 (52%)
There is enough hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser for staff and visitors2 (4%)4 (8%)16 (31%)30 (58%)
There is enough information about COVID-192 (4%)2 (4%)1 (2%)12 (23%)35 (67%)
Responses to survey questions

Ananda has worked collaboratively with residents and visitors and we have begun to increase our visiting hours, and have always been flexible to the needs of individual families. We are very pleased that the response to our survey was so positive and the overall satisfaction with our COVID-19 response is currently 91% with 52 responses.

It is extremely difficult to ensure all residents are visitors are satisfied in an emergency situation where Ananda must protect the safety of all residents, staff and visitors though where people are not happy we aim to come to n agreed solution.

If residents or representatives remain unsatisfied with Ananda’s response OPAN has an advocacy helpline facility which is available to families and also to providers who wish to discuss issues in relation to visiting on 1800 237 981, 6am-10pm (AEST) 7 days a week.

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