Staff vacancies. Come and join our family!

We are currently recruiting for the following positions at Ananda Findon and Hope Valley. Please note you will be based at one site but will be required to work at both as required. Do not apply if unable to do so.





Please ensure you read the information below before applying.

Ananda receives a high volume of applications and cannot reply to all candidates. If you have not had feedback within 2 weeks of applying you have been unsuccessful and we will not reconsider your application.

We strongly favour experience and generally do not select anyone without 3 months industry experience unless they have completed placement at Ananda and excelled.

You will be invited to explain why Ananda should interview you so you need to make the most of the opportunity. Read our website, use examples from it and from your experience. Blank answers will mean you will not be selected.

If you are shortlisted you will be asked to complete a video interview using a ‘phone or computer. This takes 30 seconds to 1 minute and is very easy. If you do not wish to complete a video interview do not submit your application.

Please complete the questions below as fully as possible and attach a current CV.

Good luck and thank you for your interest. If you do not hear from us you have been unsuccessful.

No other positions are currently available, come back later
Please check your highest level of education or equivalent.
Please indicate experience level in relevant field. We prioritise interviews on level of experience. If none it is unlikely you will receive a reply.
**** Full name which is on your passport or drivers license****
This is your opportunity to convince us you are motivated to work at Ananda. General comments which do not explain an interest in Ananda or show you have done some research will result in your application being rejected.
If you want regular hours we will not consider you. If you say you want casual hours we expect you to be available for shifts you request and will monitor this if you accept a post.
While we base staff at one home you may be required to work occasionally at the other home. If you cannot do so do not apply. If you are offered a post and refuse to work at the other site you will not be offered further work.
Please give specific examples based on your care of residents and experiences you have had, along with evidence you know what Resident Focused Care is. Statements such as 'I am hard working' or 'I care about residents' are not likely to earn you an interview.
Do not cut and paste from a website - read the information on our website and others and explain what it means to YOU. If you are applying for kitchen or hospitality roles use examples relevant to that.
All staff are required to have an understanding of dementia. Give as much detail as you can about why people with dementia in aged care might experience unmet needs and what you migt do to care for them.
Note: applicants are strongly recommended to read the Staff Handbook pages 19-33. If you are unable to explain WHY the story interested you it is unlikely you will receive an invite to interview.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload CV or cover letter in PDF or Word format.

Thank you for your interest, we will contact successful applicants to undertake a brief video recording for stage 2 of the process shortly. If you have not heard from us within 2 weeks we wish you the best in your search but we will not be progressing your application with Ananda.

Marni naa pudni Ananda-ana.

Marni naa pudni wardli-ana!

Welcome to Ananda, welcome home!

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