Staff survey results: Working in our Memory Support Units

We recently carried out an anonymous survey with 26 staff responding to questions online about the impact of recent education and training on their dementia care. Their responses are listed below and clearly show Ananda’s commitment to training opportunities are proving popular and rewarding already, with the Dementia Training Australia partnership continuing until March 2020.

Chart1 1: The role of the 26 respondents to the survey. 26 staff from Hope Valley and Findon responded. Most were carers.

Chart 2: Knowledge of dementia then and now? There was a significant increase in staff knowledge.

Chart 3: Confidence working in MSU then and now? There was a significant increase in staff confidence.
Chart 4: How enjoyable/rewarding working in MSU then and now? There was a significant increase in the enjoyment/reward of staff.
Chart 5: Impact of training. Staff responded strongly that training improved their confidence and/or enjoyment working in MSU.

Comments from staff also included:

  • “Interesting to learn about dignity of risk and more importantly learning about choice of residents. Looking forward to learn more as the dementia courses are helpful in assisting residents with dementia.”
  • “I really like to learn about Dementia In future thank you.”
  • “Good learning material in online training. It’s a good opportunity whenever you have time you can just login and learn.”
  • “The training packages are very informative. I would also suggest some training on how to interpret care plan information for residents who are living with dementia sometimes a bit more information is needed.”
  • “I learned a lot from the VR training it was eye opening for me as I got to see and feet what it was like having dementia for a short period of time. Thank you…”

Watch this space for more news on Ananda’s partnership with Dementia Training Australia, including an innovative virtual reality workshop and Ananda in the news!

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