Sing-a-long in the Friendship Club, Findon.

Keeping cool on a very hot day and having fun

In January we will say goodbye to the Leisure and Lifestyle department at Ananda Findon and welcome a new, expanded team called Wellness and Engagement.

The new Wellness and Engagement team will join the lifestyle assistants with our carer team leaders and allow better communication and further break down of silos or walls between teams. We will welcome a new Wellness and Engagement Manager who will work mainly at Findon but who will also liaise with the W&E team at Hope Valley.

All staff are expected to engage with residents and provide meaningful activity for them whether they are able to come to the formal events or not.

In the video we can see a new ‘folk trio’ at Findon, with Dino on guitar. Dino works mainly at Hope Valley and regularly provides concerts for residents. Dene is a volunteer who has been at Ananda Findon for a long time and always joins in with a singalong. Today Maritza, one of our passionate and caring Team Leaders took some tome during her busy day and jumped in and did an unexpected trio with the Double Ds!

It was an incredibly hot day and so Scoops of Ananda did its rounds as well as Suresh’s amazing mango lassi smoothies for residents and to keep staff cool.

Dino, Dene, Maritza, David and Suresh (our chef) may have different roles and job titles though residents don’t really care what you do, its how you do it that matters! At Ananda carers and lifestyle assistants in the new Wellness and Engagement Team, volunteers and chefs all do the same thing – provide Resident Focused Care.

Tasks need to be done of course, but residents value relationships over tasks and you can see the effect it has when this happens. It is a simple thing but so imporatnt for the quality of life of our residents.

We have a saying at Ananda – ‘residents don’t live in our workplace, we are visitors who are here to support them have the best lives they can.’

This sums up the Ananda Resident Focused Care model.

We look forward to much more of this cross team collaboration and thank our Ananda STARS, Dino, Maritza and Dene, David and Suresh and the whole team at Findon!

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