Royal Commission interim report – a message from our Clinical Director

1st November 2019

Dear Residents, Families and supporters of Ananda Aged Care

I write to you in the midst of a Royal Commission into the Quality and Safety of Aged Care in this country and want you to know that Ananda is committed to doing what we can to improve our care and services to align with the expectations of the Australian community. Our board has deliberated over the interim report and has closely followed the transcripts from this enquiry and supports the view that aged care needs to transform in our country. We want to be a part of a new era of individualised care of the very highest standard and many of the traditional methods of thinking for care have progressed. This year Ananda has focussed on allowing our residents to venture into trying new things, to flex routines to suit their own way of life and to change up the way we provide care of services so it is more personalised and meaningful.

You may have noticed the progressive changes in the way we do things in our homes, and we hope that you can see that there is a dedication to be better, to strive for excellence and to do what we can to provide a high quality level of care and services in our homes.

We hope you can see that we want to hear from you, we seek your feedback and we welcome time and opportunity to assess, plan and build upon a partnership that we have with you to take care of our residents with a sense of humane respect, compassionate care, and in line with best practice standards. Please call, email, meet and speak with us, we are here to work with you for the very best outcome possible. We are launching a new hotline where calls and SMS text messages can be sent anonymously. Our policy is to seek feedback and we welcome your opinions.

Unlike other organisations, Ananda Aged Care places emphasis on the importance of nursing care for our residents who often have complex issues requiring communication, coordination and management in consultation with allied health staff, doctors and loved ones.

We have had a lot of emphasis on food. It is difficult to please everyone all the time but we are listening and now more than ever. We have so many choices and options to suit many tastes. We want to do better. We want to work harder. We want you to know we are committed. We continue to try different methods. We are here to have difficult conversations, to encourage you to feel a part of the care of your loved ones and an important stakeholder in our organisation.

Our careful transition from paper based documentation to computerised systems continues, improves real time information, communication and we soon hope to be able to offer families information about the loved ones in an exciting technological platform. We have computerised medication management systems and care management systems, new ways of recognising pain and automated surveys that can now be done with the various devices, tablets and computers that you would have seen emerging in our homes.

We will be launching some “Meet the Director” dates over the next couple of months, but as always feel free to stop me in the corridor, venture into my office or make a time with our head office. Our Director of Nursing Karen Daniels and our Executive Workforce Development Manager Michael Page continue to be a wealth of experience for us. Their commitment to providing care in a respectful and appropriate way utilising best practice methods that uphold respect and compassionate care is something that I believe sets us apart.

Our organisation is built on the ethos of Compassion, Comfort and Care and we hold our sense of responsibility for you to entrust the care of your loved ones in our homes at the forefront of our everyday activities.

Ananda Aged Care is proud of its track record with respect to government regulation in all facets of our service including food safety, clinical care and our responsibility as an employer but we know that it is not easy to get it right all the time. Things can and do go wrong from time to time and we are here to continue to do what we can to improve, to listen, to grow and to work together as a team in conjunction with the incredible families that are such a valued part of our community.

At the heart of all that we do is our residents. We want to celebrate their lives, their dreams, accomplishments and nurture their wishes, their hopes and allow them to age well, to flourish and bring compassionate kindness and care each day in our homes. We want them to feel at home at our place, our South Australian based family run organisation is founded on a will to serve, a genuine sense of respect and a resourceful emphasis on safety and clinical excellence.

Dr Pooja Newman, Clinical Director Ananda Aged Care Findon & Hope Valley OR (08) 82625020

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