New influenza vaccine regulations

The Prime Minister has announced all visitors to aged care homes will need to be vaccinated against influenza by May 1st 2020.

Our staff have been provided with information on our staff training portal ‘Ananda Academy’ on influenza vaccine and all staff must be vaccinated.

Please watch the staff training videos below:

Michael Page explains to staff the need for vaccination
Michael presents the online course on this year’s vaccine for influenza

Ananda is vigilant in its infection prevention and control measures and has been proactive in its approach to COVID-19. We accept families and visitors may be frustrated that visitation has been restricted but this is for the safety of all our residents and we thank you for your understanding.

We will enforce our polices strictly as you would expect. We hope families will support us to enable us to not lockdown completely. If families cannot follow policies, or abuse staff we will move to exclude all visitors until further notice.

All residents will receive the vaccine when available, please discuss with your visitors they will need to supply evidence of vaccination before visiting.

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