Meaningful activity at Ananda

All Ananda staff are ready to support resident choice

The new Aged Care Standards describe the concept of dignity of risk and we embrace this at Ananda. In this video we catch up with Rick, a resident at Hope Valley, as he ‘does a shift’ with Vince from our maintenance team.

Vince supports meaningful activity by supervising but not taking over from Rick’s schedule of jobs, and in the picture above you can see Rick enjoying helping to clean the outside furniture earlier in the year. In the video below we catch up Rick and Vince on a chilly day when Rick was enjoying watering the plants. He explains how being useful and involved adds to his quality of life.

Thanks for your help Rick and well done to Vince who is one of many role models for the Resident Focused Care model at Ananda.

We are moving to a new model of care and training our staff that residents value relationships above tasks and it isn’t just the role of carers providing care or lifestyle staff providing activity, it is about genuine social interaction for all our residents assisted by everyone in the Ananda family.

Rick and Vince having a laugh at Ananda Hope Valley

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