Temporary organisational structure change & new visiting arrangements.

In this Memo to residents, families and representatives Karen Daniels, Director of Nursing, explains how we are approaching the COVID-19 response over the next six months and also some immediate changes to visiting.

Re: Temporary organisational stucture change

COVID-19 has presented us with many challenges and over the coming months I look forward to working with you all as we navigate our way through this testing time. Our workplace has changed and we must continue to work together to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our residents in our care while safeguarding all staff. We are so proud of all staff for their commitment and dedication – they are all ANANDA STARS!!!!

Whilst the real threat of COVID-19 may still be present as restrictions ease, the reality is we must tread carefully for at least the next 6 months to ensure the protection of our vulnerable residents.

Compliance, safety and the wellbeing of our residents and staff continues to be our main focus and for this reason the following changes will be implemented for the next six (6) months. We will continue to maintain resident quality of life, the new standards and resident focused model of care that supports best practice in culturally appropriate services and an efficient and supportive workplace for our staff.

I will continue to be based at Hope Valley and be responsible for:

  • Operational management including financial budgeting, staffing, and rostering and the monitoring of ACFI, clinical care and compliance at Hope Valley.
  • Oversee the compliance across both homes including the monthly trending, quality assurance and official complaints resolution and communication with external government authorities.

Michael Page will continue to be based at Findon and be responsible:

  • Operational management including financial budgeting, staffing and wellness and engagement model of care.
  • Michael will continue to work on the workforce development strategy for staff at both homes to support training, education, staff progression and dementia care.

Both Michael and myself will work together to ensure all staff are supported in the provision of quality care and service delivery. In the event there is a Commission visit both Michael and I will be on site – please call us.

Kamal Verma (Hospitality Manager), Linda Merylees (Organisational Concierge), VinceNisco (Maintenance), Jenny Crowther (Finance), and Deepti Sudhir (People Performance and Culture Business Partner) will continue to work across sites providing support to residents and staff.

Re: Changes to visits to Ananda

Dear Families and Friends,

It was with great excitement that we heard last Friday’s announcement that further restrictions have been eased including welcoming back children under the age of 16 back into our homes to visit their grandparents and great grandparents. Having visitors of all ages will increase the energy and joy within our homes.

The other exciting news is that after months of isolation the SA Emergency Management Plan (Form 5) now permits residents to leave their home and then return, regardless of the reason they are leaving. Upon their return, they will be required to undertake our COVID-19 site entry screening checklist including a temperature check.

We will continue to monitor all residents for COVID-19 symptoms including regular temperature checks. All staff working at Ananda are still required to participate in the site entry requirements at the commencement of their shift.

Visiting hours at Hope Valley will continue to be Monday – Sunday between 1-5pm., and Monday to Friday 1-5pm and weekends 1-3pm at Findon, with a limit of one visit per day of up to two people. The government has removed the requirement of short duration visits, however social distancing must still take place.

We also welcome our families now able to visit from Tasmania, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland without having to quarantine for 14 days on arrival (unless they transit in other States). 

It is still a government requirement that all visitors including children must provide evidence of the current flu vaccination. Babies under the age of 6 months are exempt.

We will continue to remain vigilant, practice social distancing and hand hygiene practices to keep us all safe.

These are welcome changes are we move towards the ‘new normal’. Thank you all for your support and patience as we navigate through these challenging times. The well-being and safety of all residents and staff is our highest priority.

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