Communique: Influenza outbreak at Ananda Aged Care Findon

Acting Director of Nursing, Michael Page has released a communique for residents, staff and visitors to Ananda Findon regarding an influenza outbreak there. A separate communique will be circulated at our Hope Valley home, where there are currently no influenza cases confirmed though we are vigilant in an unprecedented ‘flu season:

To: Residents, staff and visitors

From: Michael Page, Acting Director of Nursing

Date: 18/05/2019

Subject: Influenza outbreak at Ananda Aged Care, Findon

On Thursday 16th May 2019 Ananda Aged Care Findon declared an influenza outbreak when two residents and one staff member were diagnosed with influenza A.

We immediately implemented an Influenza Outbreak Management Team response. This response includes use of personal protective equipment and barrier nursing of residents with respiratory symptoms, nasal swabs for residents with influenza-like illness, closure of doors to limit movement around the home, cancellation of group activities, provision of additional hand hygiene equipment in all areas and additional cleaning, special cleaning regimes for crockery and cutlery.  We have also increased staffing during this time and visitors may notice increased agency staff as our own staff must stay away if they have symptoms.

Our Registered Nurses are regularly monitoring and assessing all residents for symptoms as well as ensuring adequate nutrition and hydration for all residents.

We are currently liaising with the Public Health Unit at the Department of Health on a daily basis. Our focus is on minimising the spread of this contagious virus and protecting our vulnerable residents, as well as supporting the health of residents who may have the virus. 

We request the cooperation of any visitors to the home, all of whom must report to reception on arrival and will be requested to follow our Registered Nurse’s instructions regarding visits, hand hygiene and use of protective equipment.

We provide vaccination for all residents and staff who consent to having it and strongly recommend all visitors who are not yet vaccinated to consult their GP and consider staying away during this outbreak.

If you have any questions regarding influenza please discuss this with our nursing staff and we thank you for your cooperation.

We will provide further updates and are hopeful rapid response to the outbreak will limit its spread and duration.

Michael Page, Acting Director of Nursing

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