Focus on the Laundry

The laundries at Hope valley and Findon are doing an amazing job. Here is a fact sheet of what happens in our Hope Valley laundry.

Our Hope Valley laundry washes 5 loads of clothes in a day.

Each load weighs 20kg, which means 140kg every week and 560kg every month and a huge 6720kg per year .

For most of the day at Hope Valley there are 1.5 full time laundry staff for 130 residents. At Findon one laundry assistant serves 67 residents.

Laundry staff fold around 280 pieces of clothes every day and deliver clean folded cloths every day to residents’ rooms .

The laundry  also labels all residents’ clothes with their names – each and every garment .

The laundry washes all kitchen aprons and tea towels and all cleaning towels every day .

In the laundry there are occasions most lost items are things like dentures , reading glases , jewelry , pens, hair pins , cufflinks, buttons , coins , etc un-named clothes.

Pictured above: Rani, Carmen and Nicolle at Hope Valley; Sam at Findon; John and Rani; The two Nicolles at Hope Valley.

Laundry staff have embraced Ananda’s move to Resident Focused Care and the new Aged Care Standards and have enthusiastically completed voluntary training including dementia care best practice training, which is great to see as all our staff in contact with residents need to understand what resident focused care is and how to communicate with residents with unmet needs as a result of dementia.

Thanks to all our hard working resident focused laundry staff at both sites. What a great work laundry does .

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