Focus on our cleaners – thank you to Daphne

The cleaning is part of a hospitality team that we all should be so proud at Ananda Aged Care that our  dedicated team has very high standard and has proven this for over  15 years.  

While we want to say a big thank you to all our hospitality staff we want to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of Daphne Naismith at Hope Valley (main picture), who leaves Ananda this week after a remarkable twenty-one years. It will be strange not to see Daphne around the home and residents and staff alike will miss her. Everyone at Ananda would like to thanks Daphne for her consistent hard work and attention to detail since the very start of Ananda. We wish her a well earned and deserved happy retirement! Daphne has been a true Ananda STAR.

Many of the team members at Hope Valley have been working here for many years, and some like Daphne, since the opening of the Ananda . Our team of cleaners at Hope Valley and Findon have done an amazing job and maintained a very clean environment, and to quote residents and their family’s:

Ananda “smells like home,” “ I can live forever here” and “it is what makes a difference between Ananda Aged care and other Aged care home”.

Here little things mean a lot. For example if a resident likes to sleep until late our cleaners will not disturb them and reschedule their work flow and care for their resident’s preferences and choice. All our cleaners get to know each residents and what they like.

Daphne in A2 at Hope Valley

Cleaners have big hearts in understanding our residents’ needs and will do anything to help , care and meet their needs . Often our cleaners are asked to do extra work either to change their bed linen  or help them to bring their laundry to wash, or even get them  extra softer toilet roll!

Ananda smells like home

Hope Valley resident

Our cleaners do every day three to four detailing of rooms, which means they go through each and every thing in room has to be clean including cleaning window sill , under the bed , behind the side cupboards, descaling shower screens , scrubbing the floors with a machine, washing the curtains , and polishing wooden floors. The aim is to make residents feel the room is as fresh and has the feel of a five star hotel.

Each cleaner is also responsible for cleaning the communal area,  all  executive offices and toilets and furniture.

Cleaning is a seven day operation back to back throughout the year and years to come!

Kamal Verma, Hospitality Manager.

Our hospitality staff (cleaners, laundry, catering) have really embraced the transition to a new way of caring at Ananda. They have always been caring and proactive though now are involved far more in resident focused care and engagement with residents. It is important we recognise the hospitality staff have been eager to learn more and some are helping us by being valuable members of our Diversity Action Group.

Residents know how important the cleaners and laundry staff as well as the kitchen are to their quality of life though sometimes we do not see all the great work they do, especially those who spend most of their time in the laundry or kitchen. Yes, the tasks our hospitality staff do are important, but it is the smile and the kindness that goes along with it that residents really remember and appreciate. All of these staff are Ananda STARS.

Michael Page, Workforce Development Manager.

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