More choice at Hope Valley

In response to resident feedback we have purchased a brand new pool table which sits in the A1 activity area and is available for all residents and visitors to use. Residents have been quick to make use of the pool table, and in the picture above you can see Rick McKirdy starting the morning with a game with Resident Focused Care Advocate, Michael Page.

Also at Hope Valley, next to the kiosk you can now treat yourself to a quality coffee for yourself or visitors for just $2.

Hospitality Manager Kamal enjoys a fresh coffee at Hope Valley

We continue to respond to feedback and in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards we are always looking for ways for residents to be able to help themselves or engage in meaningful activity without the need for staff to direct them. Freedom of movement inside and out is integral to our residents sense of belonging and self direction.

This is an important part of resident focused care (consumer directed care as the new Standards call it). Each resident defines their own culture, what is important to them and should be in control of their lives as much as possible. That means from choice of staff to assist them with their needs, partnership with nurses around their health needs, choices for where, when and what they eat their meals.

We will talk more about the Aged Care Standards in our next post and coming soon will be some exciting improvements to the Friendship Club at our Findon home!

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