Infection prevention and control training for visitors

We should soon be able to provide access to a visitor portal which has some of the courses our staff access on Ananda Academy.

This will allow residents and representatives to see how we train our staff, monitor that our training is translated into practice, and allow feedback on additional education they feel would be helpful. The first courses we hope to make available are Infection Prevention and Control, and Minimal Use of Restraint. While we create this portal we are able to provide some information here which may be helpful for residents, representatives or visitors to Ananda, and which we request all visitors wishing to assist with meal support for their loved ones carries out so we can ensure you protect yourself and residents and staff from cross infection.

All visitors must take care to wash their hands on entry and exit to Ananda, after visiting the bathroom and before putting on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and after taking it off.

Please go to the training page of our supplier Ecolab by clicking this link and scrolling to the hand washing video:

We request all visitors wash their hands in warm water and soap as in the video, and this will need to be repeated frequently for longer duration visits and where you are assisting meals.

Our staff use PPE as per the signage on each room and for residents with no known infection and who are not showing any symptoms we use Standard Precautions. Gloves and masks are only worn where there is risk to the staff member eg through urine, faeces or blood splash. Hand hygiene following the ‘5 moments for hand hygiene’ is required. Staff would don PPE such as mask, gown and goggles if the level was raised to Contact Precautions (eg for scabies) or Droplet Precautions (COVID-19, influenza etc).

When to wash or sanitise hands – 5 moments

For visitors we currently request that PPE for Standard Precautions is used. We will review these requests regularly and in line with community cases of COVID-19 and influenza.

The correct use of PPE is vital to stop cross infection in the home. PPE in this case primarily protects the resident from the person wearing PPE and we ask visitors who are not socially distancing (because they are assisting with meals), to wear a mask and gloves correctly, and to take off and dispose of them correctly. We will provide plastic aprons also. We are taking those precaution for the resident and visitor’s safety due to the extended close contact involved with assisting with meals. Contact should be kept to a minimum needed to help the resident.

We would not usually request the resident wears a mask. If the resident had symptoms and required a mask themselves we would not allow visitors to assist with meals or be within 1.5 metres at that time.

PPE for Standard Precautions (video)

It is important to take off (doff) PPE correctly and dispose of it correctly or potential COVID-19 or influenza droplets on the PPE may contaminate you, and you spread it in the home or outside in the community. Always wash your hands immediately after doffing PPE and dispose of the PPE in an infection control bin at the room – not in general waste bins and do not walk through the home with PPE, it must be disposed of as close to the room as possible.

We also expect you do not come into the home if you feel unwell at all, and if you have a temperature above 37.5 degrees you cannot enter and should have a COVID-19 swab. You must have an influenza vaccination in our records, and we cannot allow entry to anyone under 16 year of age.

We hope this helps and look forward to reducing restrictions further in a staged, planned and vigilant response.

If you have not yet completed our survey on how we are doing regarding COVID-19 response you can do so below. Thank you!

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