A meaningful life

Preeya Goel explains how in lifestyle we have made some changes to our activities which have had amazing feedback from our staff and residents groups.

We have worked hard to include multi cultural activities and introducing the “Ananda Around The World” has been a huge success to learn and experience different cultures and countries around the globe. The cooking demonstrations, information slide shows and themed lunches have been a huge success.

We have introduced the concept of Staff Showcase which has helped build and strengthen the relationship between the residents and staff.

The teams have worked hard to ensure that our residents have the opportunity to go on outings and the last few months have seen us go on a chocolate tour at Haighs, the museum, the Topiary Cafe, Mercato and the residents have enjoyed the various lunches at the pub.

One big hi light for the group is the ability to go to the movies and see the latest blockbusters. Residents have loved the cinema experience and the Ananda Snack Box. It’s been so lovely to see the residents getting to be out in the community and doing activities that they loved to do in the past.

We have created the concept of Incursions which means that the outing comes on site which has been wonderful given the colder weather. We have had relaxation, mindful art, pizza making and we have loved seeing the residents get involved and enjoy the special experience.

Still to come – mosaic work, hand cream making and lots more!!

The lifestyle teams have worked hard to ensure that the activities are new, exciting and we are listening to what our residents WANT to do. We have recently purchased an 8 ball table after many months of requests from the group at Hope Valley.

At Findon we have completely refurbished the big day room, The Friendship Club, and one resident stated it was magnificent! Having an attractive, welcoming space allows us to extend our meaningful engagement opportunities with residents and families later in the evenings. Chef Kamal, Hospitality Manager, will talk about how this and the changes to the bain marie systems in both homes has improved our engagement with residents and their feeling of being at home.

The feedback has been so positive- the residents are loving the new and exciting lifestyle choices.

We thanks our talented teams and welcome feedback from residents and families about what we can do even better.

Preeya Goel

Director, Ananda Aged Care

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