Dear Residents, Families and Staff,

As we wait for official notification from SA Health to advise when Ananda Aged Care (Hope Valley and Findon) will be allocated a day and time to undertake the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine rollout please find below so additional information regarding the vaccine rollout.

  • The Commonwealth are responsible for the rollout of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for Residential Aged Care.
  • A third party contractor engaged by the Commonwealth will administer the vaccine.  Ananda Aged Care staff will not administer the vaccine. This will occur in our facilities.
  • Consent to the vaccine is essential prior to administration. Ananda is responsible for obtaining & recording the COVID-19 vaccine consent forms prior to the day of vaccination.
  • Consent is required for both does of the COVID-19 Vaccine – The Pfizer Vaccine is administered in x2 doses 21 days apart.
  • The contractor is required to sign the consent form after the vaccine has been administered and we will take copies of these for our records as well.

The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is a comprehensive process and we need to all work together to ensure a smooth process.

Day of vaccine we will have multiple clinical stations set up in the home:

First station: will be pre-vaccine checklist, checking consent has been signed, and verifying consent to proceed with vaccine.  This will be done by the assigned contractors.

  • Second station: will be the vaccine station where administration of the vaccine will take place.  This is done by nurses employed by the Commonwealth contractors – they will check consent and residents / staff details and record vaccine details.
  • Third station: is the post vaccine station where you will spend at least 15 minutes post vaccine administration where we can monitor and record your observations.
  • Social distancing and hand hygiene will be need to be adhered to on the day

Once we know the day of vaccination rollout, we will notify residents/their representatives and staff. For further information on the Pfizer Vaccine rollout please visit the Department of Health’s website for more information and/or to read the consent form in other languages

Copies of the COVID-19 consent form have been previously forwarded as well as copies located at our Reception area. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or queries.

I have also left copies of this letter with our Reception Staff.

You must let us know if your loved one (resident) is having the vaccine and complete the consent form – these are located at front reception and in the above link.

Wellness and Engagement Update

Our wonderful Wellness and Engagement Team have been busy revamping the activities calendar with our Director to “bring a bit of fun back”

This week has been testament to fun ……. With Hope Valley cooking up a storm, with beautiful Italian donuts (which I am told had NO calories in them) and were enjoyed by the residents and staff.  The home smelt amazing.

At Findon we had a beautiful afternoon tea outside enjoying a little bit of sunshine and laughter.

COVID-19 has brought about many challenges including placing a number of activities on hold.

I am so happy to report that we have now brought back regular Church Services at both our homes and on 17th March at our Hope Valley home will be hosting a Catholic Mass with Father Manu at 11am.

We have upcoming concerts booked at both homes as well as Dino’s evening concerts continuing.

At the end of each month we will be celebrating our residents birthday’s with Birthday Club and a beautiful birthday cake.

One of our Residents at Hope Valley, Jane is taking the lead with setting up a knitting group in preparation for Easter by creating some beautiful knitted creations …. Watch out for our Easter Raffle as well.

It’s been great welcoming the Resident Wing Meetings back in the past couple of weeks with 5 Wing Meetings happening across the homes. At our Swan / Darling Wing Meeting we congratulated resident Carolyn for her work in our gardens, they are looking beautiful. Thanks Carolyn!!

At Findon we will be celebrating an absolute milestone with our beautiful resident Olive turning 107 years young ……. There will be more photos and celebrations to come in the next newsletter as well as Olive letting us know what her secret is.

Photos of the week that’s been ………

Thank you all for your ongoing support over this past challenging year and we look to 2021 with renewed hope and positivity.

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