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A message from our Clinical Director

For me – It has been a busy intense time in our industry and I applaud our staff for continuing the commitment towards moving into a new era of aged care provision with the impending New Standards on July 1.

If I think back to our Ashlea and Kooluna Nursing Home days we have come a long way as an organisation in developing the way we provide care. Not only have our buildings become more purpose built there is also a clever focus on best practice clinical care in a homely setting.

We now have an opportunity to build further on our ethos of compassion, comfort and care and individualise care and service delivery with an unprecedented freedom as we support dignity of risk and individual choice.

Being a culturally diverse workforce puts us in excellent stead to embrace multiculturalism and adapt to the needs of our local communities with respect and a sense of fun.

I continue to be proud of the commitment of our workforce, being flexible and welcoming to new concepts and opportunities which are all ultimately for the care and comfort of our residents and their loved ones.

Dr Pooja Newman

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