Commission unannounced visit to Ananda Findon

On Thursday 13th August 2020 we received our first unannounced visit by the Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission under the new Aged Care Standards.

The 3 surveyors spent all day talking to residents, representatives, staff and management about the care and services at Ananda Aged Care Findon and stated how satisfied all were. A report was sent quickly afterwards showing an in depth analysis of 3 requirements in 3 different Standards. We were rated as Met in all 3 and there were almost no negative comments, the only issue on the day relating to call bells for one resident, who has a high volume of calls and in general is answered within our benchmark 8 minutes.

Congratulations and thank you to the entire team, it was an expected result and in many ways does not reflect the quality of care we provide on a daily basis and with the backdrop of the pandemic. The surveyors were very interested to hear of innovations such as our DTA and other dementia training, publication in AJDC three times with a fourth to come, the Staff Blog, Ananda Academy and splitting the home into zones to protect against COVID, as well as our recent 360 degree review process and First 100 Days Onboarding. They received feedback that staff were kind, residents felt safe, and staffing levels were good. Staff were able to talk about our policies and training they had done, as well as the Staff Blog communications.

Dr Goel visited Findon on Wednesday 19th August 2020 to thank staff, so well done to all staff who are now encouraged to maintain and improve on this performance which was fully expected given the ongoing excellent morale and teamwork at Findon.

Thank you to our residents, families and representatives for your ongoing support and understanding of the current restrictions.

We retain our 4 Dots compliance rating.

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