Ananda Men’s Group!

Moving in to care can be a difficult transition for anyone but for males from an era were men were typically stoic, strong providers it can be even more challenging to relinquish some independence. Ananda Aged Care strives to create an environment where residents can retain their sense of independence and still enjoy the comforts of living at home while being cared for which is why our Men’s Group was started, to create a space where men could just be ‘men’.

Ananda residents can use skills and trades they’ve learned throughout their life to get hands on with tools to build, break, re-build and use their creative imagination to DIY.

Residents can make, build and work on their own projects. Research shows that hobbies that require the person to think creatively can help to minimise cognitive impairment.

Recently we have established a Men’s Group that meets monthly facilitated by an expert in Men’s health. It is an opportunity for the gentlemen of Ananda to come together discuss what it is like being in care, feelings of loss and grief in life and connecting with other like minded residents.

This group has established a sense of camaraderie and provides support within the group but to the wider Ananda community. If you would like to find out more or wish to join our mailing list for exclusive Ananda News please contact:

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