Ananda invites residents and staff to join its Diversity Action Group

1st March 2019

As Mardi Gras is celebrated at this time of year we also think it is a good time to look at Standard One of the new Aged Care Standards, which is Consumer Dignity and Choice.  This Standard also highlights identity, culture and diversity and all aged care organisations are expected to deliver care and services that are inclusive and do not discriminate.

Care and services are expected to be responsive, inclusive and sensitive to culturally and linguistically diverse residents. They are also expected to be responsive, inclusive and sensitive to residents  who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI).

Respecting the identity, culture and diversity of a resident, means understanding their needs and preferences.

Ananda  provides and services that reflect a resident’s social, cultural, language, religious, spiritual, psychological and medical needs.

Within this Standard is the concept of Cultural safety.  Each resident defines what cultural safety is. It’s their experience of the care and services they are given and how able they feel to raise concerns.

The key features of cultural safety are; understanding a resident’s culture, acknowledging differences, and being actively aware and respectful of these differences in planning and delivering care and services.

This week at Findon (Tuesday) and Hope Valley (Monday) we will enjoy ‘Rainbow Day’ activities which recognise and celebrate the diversity of our residents and staff. 

We also acknowledge that we can do better and so are asking for expressions of interest from residents and staff who would like to form a Diversity Action Group at Ananda. The group will meet informally once a month and the aim is for them to advise Ananda of ways it can improve inclusivity for everyone we care for or who works for Ananda. No specific skills or experience are needed, just an interest in diversity.  If you are interested then speak to Michael Page, Resident Focused Care Advocate or ask at Reception.

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